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This website is maintained by Gangnam Style Korean Barbecue. You are free to browse and use the website. In accessing and browsing the website, you agree to accept, without limitation or qualification, to Gangnam Style Korean Barbecue's Terms and Conditions.



We do not serve any allergen free foods. Please inform us if a person in your part has a food allergy or intolerance.



Once your order has been accepted, this represents an agreement between you, the customer and the restaurant. The restaurant has sole responsibility for this order. Cash payments will not be accepted due to Covid-19 restrictions. If you have chosen to pay with credit card, paywave the order summary is subjected to a 3% surcharge. Prices are subject to change and all goods are subject to availability.


Cancellation of Orders

You have the right to cancel your order. Normally, this is approximately 30 mins before the agreed pick-up time. While every effort is made to ensure that accurate pricing and descriptions are maintained, we reserve the right to refuse any order that is based on inaccurate information or suspicious number of orders. Any order can be cancelled subsequently by the restaurant after the order has been confirmed and the staff member will inform you immediately.


Food Returns

Once the order has been picked up, you will not be allowed to return any of the goods due to health and hygiene issues. We ensure that all the restaurant staff follow strict guidelines for food handling and thoroughly check the goods to avoid food contamination. It is also the customer's responsibility to check the supplied goods before agreeing to pay for an order.



Refunds and Compensation

Once payment is taken from your account, you will be unable to return your order and will not be eligible for a refund. In case of a wrong order given to customers and proven that it is the restaurant’s fault, you can directly call the restaurant’s branch number or inform any of our staff members for proper amendments. If the order received does not meet your expectation, you can provide feedback or you can directly raise any complaint by completing the contact form provided in our website


All customers must read and agree to the Terms and conditions and follow the Covid-19 rules and regulations. Breach of these conditions will be subjected to jurisdiction in accordance with New Zealand laws.  We will be entitled to use our rights and remedies in any other situation where you breach these conditions.

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